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Relaxing by the Water

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Feel Better and Make Changes in Your Life

How can Bars Access help me?

If you're feeling anxious, have a thousand thoughts in your head, can't find peace, feel stiff, frustrated, can't sleep, under stress, often questioning yourself... if you have beliefs that don't serve you and constantly attract situations you don't want.

In addition, Bars is an excellent method for treating PTSD.

I think we all feel like this sometimes in life, and that's normal. It's just important to find some ways and tools that are healthy for us and that can help us feel better.

Bars Access treatments are definitely one of the ways that always help me feel different.


What exactly are Bars and what does the treatment look like?

Bar's is an energy-healing method. It looks similar to a gentle head massage. It cannot be done remotely, we have to meet in person.

Head Massage

It is based on the theory that there are 32 points on the head through which energy meridians pass (one for love, another for peace, the third for life force, etc.). When the person performing the Bars treatment touches these points on the head, the energy circulates through that meridian - releasing blockages, rearranging beliefs.

On average, the treatment lasts about 45 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the flow.

I learned to do Bars at a course with Helena Fjorovic. I love Bars because,
unlike uncomfortable conversations with psychologists, this is really a simple
and relaxing way to bring about changes in our lives and to start feeling better.

 150 bars of treatment completed in 2022.

97% of people say they are delighted and come back for treatment again.

Most people typically come for an average of 6 treatments.

Impressions of our clients from Bars treatment

sara cetkovic.webp

Sara Ćetković

"Barbara introduced me to Bars treatments a year ago and since then I regularly go to her for Bars sessions. The experience is more than positive. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with stressful situations, but after Bars, I feel relief, relaxation, and strength to cope with worries and stress more easily. I feel light and fulfilled. Barbara takes special care to make clients feel comfortable and is always ready to explain all the details of Bars and gladly answers all questions. Warm recommendation for Barbara."


Martina Igrec

"I have tried Bars several times and each time I had a different experience. Due to work, I often have pain in my shoulders and neck, and that disappeared. And, after the treatment is finished, I always feel relaxed and as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders!"


Barbara Maheshwari (2).png

What will you feel during and after the treatment?

During the treatment, You must lie down (you can also be in a semi-seated position if that's more comfortable for you) and relax. You can sleep, talk, chill...

The treatment looks like a gentle head massage, there is no pressure, the points on the head are just lightly touched.

Each person experiences the treatment differently, but here's what the most common experiences were:

About 70% of people felt deep relaxation, warmth, pleasant tingling sensations during the treatment. After the treatment, they felt peaceful, and were able to fall asleep without any problems. They had a positive experience, liked it, and decided to repeat the treatment several times. Some felt calmer, some stronger, some happier... A variety of positive impressions.

In 27% of cases, when the energy is released, the person may feel heaviness or pain in the joints, stabbing in the back or chest. This is generally ok, because it means that the energy is clearing. The pain goes away as soon as we remove our hands from the head.

There are also 3% of people who immediately after a few minutes say that they feel uncomfortable and that this is not for them. This is also ok, maybe this method is not suitable for them or they are not yet ready.


  • In 2022, my price for one Bars treatment is 200 kn. If you are coming for the first time and want to try the treatment, you can get a 50% discount. If you also offer some kind of treatments, I am open to exchanges.

  • Please contact me by email or text message if you want to book a treatment for yourself.

Head Massage

Changes don't have to be hard!

Enjoy your life!

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to release stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts from your life, Bars treatment is the perfect solution for you.

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