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Increase profitability of your business

Consulting session for business owners

Have you ever felt stuck in your business?

Running a business is not easy.

Boosting revenue, optimizing expenses, designing processes and implementing them while your company is scaling, managing people - and staying sane.

Every entrepreneur needs help with at least one of these things.

You don't have to go through this alone.


Your business can grow fast, if you work smart


I understand exactly what you are going through.

Business is your baby, and sometime you just need another paid of eyes to shift perspective and see the whole picture. 

You need to start working smart, instead of hard

Over 100 satisfied clients

Who benefited from my support


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Consulting hours delivered

What are my clients saying


Milka Ramic, Coach and Psychologist

I started my coaching business for moms that want to feel better and balance successfully between career and parenting. As psychologist, I had a lot of experience with conducting coaching sessions but finding clients, and structuring operational part of my coaching business was new for me. Barbara's support and guidance brought tremendous value when I was starting!


Ben Appleby, The Cake

When I launched The Cake - ethnical platform for Blockchain consultants, it was very challenging to attract first consultants to register since we were still new.

Barbara helped us to solve that problem, and brought 40 worldclass consultants to our platform in two months. Her knowledge, skills and network enabled us to achieve breakthrough that we needed!

Need a consultant?
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Level up your business with my support

 Clients come to me with various challenges - they all have one problem that is preventing them from creating an incredibly successful business. 

If you need support with increasing profit, scaling company, or just putting an operational structure in place, I can help.

You will see measurable, tangible results after my consulting sessions.

Consulting session I What to expect?

  • Free Intro Call - Introduction, exploring can I really help you with your challenge

  • Discovery - Analyzing challenges and defining goals

  • Solution - I will create a plan of activities, that includes timeline, budget and estimated results

  • Implementation - Making it happen!


Grow your business
without chaos

What are you waiting for?

With my experience, tools and contacts, we can together solve almost any challenge that you are facing. 

Build a profitable business  with healthy work culture.
Let's do it together!

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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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