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Professional Woman

Level up your career

Book 1:1 coaching session

with Barbara

Do you feel like you could achieve even
more in life and work?

​We spend more time at work than with our family. 

You should be doing something that makes you feel alive and fulfilled. 

Everyone can make money while doing something they are passionate about. 

You just need to discover what that is. 

And I am here to guide you.


How to recognize the right time
for a change?



If you hate Mondays,

constantly feel tired, 

confused and lost,

dislike most people at work, 

your weekly tasks seem pointless, 

or you find your job boring and 

you know you were made for something more...

You deserve more recognition, more money, and more impact!

But every change is scary, and you don't have to go through this alone.

Over 100

Satisfied clients


Average feedback

7 sessions

To drastically change your life

What clients say about
coaching sessions with Barbara?

Happy Teenager

Naireen Imtiazi

"I met Barbara when I was doing internship in data science startup. That was my first working experience, and I needed visa to stay in the UK. It seemed impossible to succeed, but Barbara supported me, showed me how to find a job, how to present myself in a job interview and get more confidence. I got a permanent job as Data Scientist, and eventually I became a manager."


Domagoj Krecak

"Working in telecommunications didn't make me happy nor fulfilled, and I wasn't satisfied with salary. I needed a change, but wasn't sure where to start. Barbara helped me to explore what kind of career would enable me to use my potential in the best possible way. I signed up for a logistics course, Barbara prepared a powerful resume and cover letter for me, prepared me for interviews - and I landed Hub Leader role in shipping company GLS. It's exciting, and my salary doubled."

Book a Free Intro Session
with Barbara

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Level up your career

When we start working together, you will get a plan with a timeline of our goals.

I can help you to get more clarity about your goals, and the best way to achieve them. 


With my support and guidance, you will gain confidence, tools and skills that you need in order to become even more successful and happy in your professional life.


Every one of my clients sees amazing results, and so will you!


Coaching sessions | What to expect?

  • Support, compassion, and encouragement

  • Confidentiality 

  • Honesty

  • Clarity and guidance

  • A strategy that will get you measurable results (better job, higher salary, more respect in your workplace, depending on agreed focus)

  • "Hand holding" while you are achieving these goals

  • Celebrating your success together 


Land your dream job


Let's overcome challenges together. 


Investing a couple of months of your time in shifting your skills and attitude, can result in living the life you always wanted. 


You have potential to be accomplished, and fulfilled.

Never settle down for anything less than what you deserve.


You deserve respect, recognition, purpose and good salary in your workplace.

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